Which is the biggest hunting and gun channel on YouTube? Find out below

The hunt makes a great TV narrative. It has drama, excitement – even comedy – and a great ending. Although abandoned by mainstream TV channels over the last 60 years, it is a story that has been told and retold for not thousands but tens of thousands of years. Cave paintings of hunting scenes are an early version of Outdoor Channel. This report covers multiple aspects of the broadcast industry, where it can be useful to companies, organisations and brands in the shooting sports industry, from the largest networks to the solo operators who can create a good-looking brand channel. It provides a snapshot of broadcast at a moment in time. Television can take off at any moment. A cable channel can find the next Duck Commanders – a YouTube channel can upload the next viral hit.

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Gun trade and outdoor sports:  The shooting sports industry’s love affair with TV continues as YouTube takes over from cable, satellite and DVD. The new YouTube channels are taking ad spend mainly from the hunting magazines, but they are also having an effect on spend in the cable/satellite sector. And much of that money is going on the shooting sports industry’s own YouTube channels. Brands are learning that good-quality television is expensive to make, but the rewards can be great, especially when they show the commitment to YouTube that Realtree,  Cold Steel and some of the airgun companies do. These are the winners on YouTube, ranked by subscriber numbers.

Consumer channels: they are the gun magazines and the hunting cable channels of today.  The enormous audience available on YouTube is driving more and more sponsorship to these channels.



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