It’s easy, it’s good value and it’s effective to appear on Fieldsports Channel. So why would you want to? Our popular films on YouTube – our shows such as Fieldsports Britain, Claysports and AirHeads – are now the most-watched hunting media in the world.

David Wright at work for Harkila clothing in Kyrgyzstan

Why not put your kit in front of our viewers? There are lots of ways to do it – and the best (and cheapest) ways are to hook up with other, non-competing brands and co-sponsor films. Here are some of the opportunities:

Andy Crow is one of our most popular stars on Fieldsports Channel. In the five years we have been filming with him, he has had 7.75 million views on YouTube. In 2015 alone, in the UK alone, his films hit 830,000 views. That’s nearly 70,000 views a month. You can be part of this.
Sponsors: Gamebore, UK Shoot Warehouse, Jack Pyke
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Tim Pilbeam is a renowned rifle reviewer and a British hunter. His series Rucksack & Rifle took him to Croatia, Spain and Scotland after wild boar, deer and mouflon – gorgeous locations where his sponsors’ products look great.
Sponsors: Zeiss, Sauer, Harkila
Click here for a PDF report on Rucksack & Rifle and other big films

Cai ap Bryn is a superb game cook with a career in presenting hunting TV shows. His series Hunt & Cook took him to Norway, Scotland, Sweden and Hungary, showing great hunting in great locations, and some fabulous game recipes.
Sponsors: Zeiss, Sauer, Shooterking
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Top deer manager Paul Childerley’s Stalking Success series has him concentrating on muntjac and Chinese water deer in the UK, as well as driven wild boar in Germany. We also make bonus films for our sponsors’ own YouTube channels. YouTube allows you to take control of your own audience, and we are here to help.
Sponsors: Zeiss, Sauer, Shooterking
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Take the hunting story we tell so well. Now move it to Africa and watch it become even more exciting. Fieldsports Africa is a TV show for 2016 that goes behind the scenes and under the skin of African hunting. It delivers all the thrills plus it shows the management and care that goes into keeping animals thriving. We have a new production unit in South Africa which will produce shows about stalking astonishing wildlife in spectacular locations.
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Roy Lupton is one of our most enduring stars. He has a new series in 2016 that’s looking for sponsors. He is after pig and boar all over the world in The Whole Hog. From warthog in Africa to feral hogs in Australia and Texas, to driven wild boar in Europe – they are the single most popular quarry species on YouTube.

Aaron Heading is one of the UK’s top shots. Our programme Claysports about the British clayshooting scene reaches hundreds of thousands of viewers, and not just in the UK. Every episode, Aaron receives a shooting challenge, such as shooting a clay with more clays balanced on his head. It’s a fun way to learn about clayshooting.
Sponsor: Laporte

We launched AirHeads in January 2014, a fortnightly show about the best airgunning, with news, reviews, astonishing hunts and plenty of competition. Roger Lait leads our HFT coverage, with an entertaining guide to how to shoot airguns.
Sponsor: BSA

When Mauser came up with the M12 Impact, it called Fieldsports Channel. Our huge audience delivered a six-figure audience for the rifle, showing it in dramatic locations and shooting further and more accurately than many believed possible. With our reach, you can put your message in front of a hunting audience the world over. We make films that look good on YouTube, that hold audiences on big screens at trade shows, and that impress corporate viewers in your own workplace.
Sponsor: Mauser

Here are the numbers – the best reason to do it:
We get 1.5 million+ views a month on YouTube. Last year, we were watched more than 15 million times: 4.4 million times in the UK alone, 2.6 million times in the USA, and 400,000 times in both Australia and Germany. On our best day on YouTube, we reached 50,000 different people (unique cookies, web only). We have other social media, too: in the first week of 2016 we reached more than 10 million people on Facebook.

We offer filming services, we manage your YouTube and TV presence, and we run client advertising campaigns to our own remarketing list and via the Google and Facebook ad networks.

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