Fieldsports Britain – Roy Lupton: He’s Back

All your summer shooting sports in this week’s Fieldsports Britain: roestalking, foxshooting and a little light grouse practice on the finest clay pigeons. Roy Lupton is back on form after months in a shed raising birds of prey – he is out after roebuck and foxes. Mark Marshall, chief instructor at the EJ Churchill clay ground shows how the best shots approach grouse and pheasant shooting. Plus there is News Stump on anteaters, Hunting YouTube on the Gaza Strip and ‘Hallo Charlie!’ with a promising South African lad after antelope. How can you get through to the weekend without it?

Here are the links to the items:

▶ Roy on roe + foxes

▶ Fieldsports Channel News

▶ ‘Hallo Charlie!’

▶ EJ Churchill clay ground

▶ Hunting YouTube

▶ Shares 
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