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Fieldsports Nation is the collective name for members of the countrysports community who have banded together to support our work promoting hunting, shooting and fishing. We make an impact by funding a movement that informs the public and government policies.

Three different levels of support



4 shares a year

Behind-the-scenes vlog from Charlie every week

Pre-show access to Fieldsports Nation exclusive offers

Loyalty badges next to your name in comments and live chat badge (YouTube only)

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7 shares a year

Access to perks from previous level

Reduced ticket prices. We will secure reduced ticket prices to events such as game fairs and workshops

Discounted merchandise

Digital discount vouchers for hunting and outdoor kit

Fieldsports Skills Days: jump the queue and be first to apply for the limited spaces on our popular skills days

Try the newest kit from the biggest names in the market



15 shares a year

Money-can't-buy experiences

Unique opportunities to experience working alongside the Fieldsports Channel team

Shareholder advisory events

Invitations to Fieldsports Channel days where you can review what we're up to

Tell us face-to-face how to run Fieldsports Channel

Why should you care?

The fieldsports community is on the backfoot in the UK and many countries abroad. The recent fiasco over the retraction of the general licences, and the antis' attacks on other hunting and shooting sports means now it is more important than ever to fund a voice in the media, that reaches the public, and helps to lobby for sympathetic and sensible government policy. Fieldsports Nation is a movement designed to counter rising levels of anti-shooting rhetoric and help promote fieldsports to the widest possible audience.

Creating quality media content, covering shooting-related news, lobbying for policy change and running events can't be achieved for free. That's why we are charging a small fee. What we do for fieldsports is now funded by you. Help us provide a greater impact and help our community.

Why have people joined and what do they think?

I joined the Fieldsports Nation to help support a pro-shooting and conservation message and lobbying movement from Charlie, David and the rest of the team at Fieldsports Channel. I didn't realise at the time that I'd also get to go to one of their fantastic range days, which meant I got to get hands-on and test out a new rifle that I wanted to buy, which helped me decide.

- Alex Sorisi

How can you join?

There are three ways to help us. You can join via YouTube memberships, via Patreon, or you can become a more structural backer of Fieldsports Channel. Each way, you will get shares in Fieldports Channel plc, and a say in the kinds of films and programmes we make.

 Alternatively, find out more about our share offer at Envestry

How our membership has supported all fieldsports

If you need more convincing, here's what members have funded

Useful advice in our podcast on how to deal with attacks by antis, whether you are shooter, hunter or farmer. This former Metropolitan Police officer used to specialise in animal rights extremists and how to deal with them. Click here

Thanks to the Fieldsports Nation, we were able to take the fight for grouseshooting to the Bird Fair at Rutland Water, where we filmed a debate between Charlie and members of the Wild Justice group, Chris Packham, Ruth Tingay and Mark Avery. Click here

General licences chaos: in England, an activist called Chris caused hundreds of £1,000s-worth of damage to the countryside by getting lucky with a legal letter. We are fighting back. Click here

Charlie has been fighting the corner for the world's conservation heroes: the hunting tourists who support wildlife on the ground with their trophy fees. Click here

Want to support us further?

We are more than happy to discuss larger pledges of support. If you would like to chat things through, then speak to Charlie directly [maxbutton id="3" url="" text="Contact us" ]

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