George Digweed wins African Grand Prix

George Digweed takes gold at the South African Hunting Route Grand Prix. The competition took place at the Valley Gun Club, 16 to 17 March 2019.

Top five places look like this:

1. DIGWEED, George 192+21
2. MAC DONALD, Nicholas 192+18
3. STUBBS, Tristan 186+19
4. MATTILA, Tuomas 186+15
5. LOYEN, Jean Francois 183
5. WIENANDTS, Hendrick 183

Jean Francois Loyen of France wins the veterans, Britain’s Anthony Dean wins the seniors, Jean Francois Palinkas of France takes the masters, Inna Alexandrova of Russia the ladies, and South African Tristan Stubbs the juniors.

In the African Championship 2019 Compak Sporting which started on 21 March, George took silver behind Remi Wlodarczyk of Poland. Continuing UK domination of the sport, here are four Brits in the top six: Digweed, Papworth, Batchelor and Smith.

1. WLODARCZYK, Remigiusz 189+23
2. DIGWEED, George 189+22
3. PAPWORTH, Martin 189+20+6
4. HUBNER, Timothy 189+20+5
5. BATCHELOR, Paul 187
6. SMITH, Phillip 186

George is far more than a clay shot. He runs shoots in the UK, he hunts and butchers British wild boar, and in 2016 he and his wife were the subject of a violent attack. Here are his films

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