Dogs on shoots

You are going on a British gameshooting day. But can you bring your gundog? In the latest in his Shoot Curious series, Edward King gives his tips on how to make sure your dog is a success. This item is sponsored by: Gamebore cartridges AYA guns This film was first shown in Fieldsports […]

Medical packs for hunters

Are you equipped to deal with a bullet or knife wound in the field? Many hunters do not prepare for the worst case scenario even though we are often miles from a village or town often in darkness and carrying some pretty dangerous kit. The Swedish hunting association Svenska Jägareförbundet – with help from companies […]

What makes a perfect pheasant shoot day?

It is driven hunting Andy Crow-style. He is on a driven day in the South-East of England with his cousin Gary. It’s bright and cold – perfect for filming some screaming birds. Crowhow is sponsored by UK Shoot Warehouse Clothes from Jack Pyke Black Gold cartridges Gamebore Crow shoots a Beretta EELL […]

Fieldsports Britain – Crow’s big pheasant day

Crow’s on his first big pheasant shoot of the 2016/2017 season. It’s a bright, clear day, and the birds are flying high. What’s challenging him is the amount of new kit he has been sent to wear, waggle and wave. Also, he has his cousin Gary in the peg next to him. Expect high-bird action […]


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