Fieldsports Britain – Crow’s big pheasant day

Crow’s on his first big pheasant shoot of the 2016/2017 season. It’s a bright, clear day, and the birds are flying high. What’s challenging him is the amount of new kit he has been sent to wear, waggle and wave. Also, he has his cousin Gary in the peg next to him. Expect high-bird action and the latest shiny guns and cartridges. Meanwhile, Roy Lupton is finding out about first aid for hunters from the Swedes, who are keen to promote it. And Edward King is back with Shoot Curious and that most contentious of subjects: the behaviour of other people’s dogs (never your own). There is the News Stump, and Hunting YouTube has a surprising revelation about David Wright’s early career. Another programme packed full of hunting goodness: it’s #FieldsportsBritain

Here is the info about the items:

▶ Crow on pheasants

Crowhow is sponsored by UK Shoot Warehouse
Clothes from Jack Pyke
Black Gold cartridges Gamebore
Crow shoots a Beretta EELL

▶ First aid for hunters

For more about medical kits, email
For Aimpoint go to
The Swedish hunting association website is

▶ Shoot Curious?

Sponsors are: Gamebore cartridges
AYA guns

▶ News is sponsored by Baleno
Speak Turkish? Watch Ilkay Zaman here

Here are the #YouTube links to the films in Hunting YouTube:
Mojo TV
Freelance Duck Hunting
Pointofimpact TV
Whackstar Hunters
Full Boar Outdoors NZ
Browning Channel UK


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