Swiss Ibex Hunt

Mario Theus of Palorma Hunting has come up with a stunning new series on YouTube about hunting ibex in the Swiss Alps. Charlie Jacoby goes to visit him in his mountain home and hear how the film came about. Mario’s website is Mario’s first ibex hunting film: This film was first shown in […]

‘Furry’ Good Foxshooting

Andy Crow is out after foxes for a local shoot. In the latest in the series ‘Federal on the Farm’, he has some new toys to play with, including ATN night vision binoculars. He shows what makes a good fox pelt, and he highlights the damage caused by people crashing through barriers to go lamping […]

Guns & Cartridges

Going gameshooting in the UK? Don’t know what to bring by way of guns and cartridges? This film is for you. Edward King lays it on the line about what kind of shotgun to bring and how many cartridges. It is the latest episode in our ‘Shoot Curious?’ series. This item is sponsored by: Gamebore […]

Highland hind cull

Niall Rowantree is in the middle of the red hind cull (female red deer) at Ardnamurchan in the Highlands of Scotland. Robert Sajitz from German riflemaker Blaser goes to join him on a culling expedition to a small estate. Find out more about West Highland Hunting at For the Blaser R8 rifle, go to […]

Fieldsports Britain – Glorious Scottish Deerstalking

We are hunting deer in Scotland with Blaser rifles. The hind cull is underway in Ardnamurchan and Niall Rowantree has asked Robert Sajitz from Blaser to help bring down deer numbers on an estate off an estate in this part of the Highlands. That’s not all. It’s a packed programme this week as Andy Crow […]


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