Fieldsports Britain – Glorious Scottish Deerstalking

We are hunting deer in Scotland with Blaser rifles. The hind cull is underway in Ardnamurchan and Niall Rowantree has asked Robert Sajitz from Blaser to help bring down deer numbers on an estate off an estate in this part of the Highlands. That’s not all. It’s a packed programme this week as Andy Crow goes after foxes, Edward King brings us the latest in his Shoot Curious series and Charlie Jacoby goes to Switzerland to visit a hunting YouTuber who has brought out an ibex film. There is News Stump and Hunting YouTube, bringing you up to date with everything important in the world of hunting and shooting.

Here are the links to the items:

▶ Ardnamurchan deer

Find out more about West Highland Hunting at
For the Blaser R8 rifle, go to

▶ Shoot Curious?

Gamebore cartridges
AYA guns

▶ Crow on foxes

Crow uses a Tikka T3 with a Steiner scope and a Stalon moderator with 70-grain Federal ballistic tip bullets
For more about the products, go to

▶ Swiss ibex

Mario’s website is
Mario’s first ibex hunting film:

▶ News is sponsored by Baleno – here are the links:
Catching poachers with thermal
Prince William on poaching
Hunting is good for bears
Zeiss hunting app film
‘Gut Pile’ – the movie

Here are the #YouTube links to the films in Hunting YouTube:
Browning Channel UK
Serval Channel
Wisconsin Fisherman
Robin Foxer
Gamekeeper John
William Larkham Jr


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