New American whitetail buck record

A 47-point buck is the new world record for a non-typical whitetail deer. Stephen Tucker, 26, hunted the deer with a muzzleloader in Tennessee. According to the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, officials from Boone and Crockett spent several hours scoring the buck, dubbed Tennessee Tucker Buck. The deer rack scored 312 3/8 in the Boone […]

Man survives leopard attack **Graphic Images**

Farm worker, Zwelake Dyan, was lucky to escape with his life when he was attacked by a huge male leopard on a game reserve in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. Dyan, was with a small hunting group that were focused on pest control of small predators when he came across the large leopard in dense […]

Beirut bird shoot

Antis are furious with Beirut hunters who are safeguarding the airport from bird strikes by shooting seagulls on a rubbish dump on the flight path. The Lebanon Eco Movement says the government has a duty to protect all birds under environmental laws. Meanwhile,  US airports have ramped up bird-killing programmes in response to the 2009 accident […]


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