Giraffe saved from being stuck in fence

This video doing the rounds on Facebook has more than 700,000 views. It shows a giraffe stuck in a wired fence in what looks like a game reserve. Once cut free, the animal takes a while to get to its feet before it limps off into the distance to join other giraffes.

Poachers behead white lion

Poachers have killed a white lion a game farm in Polokwane, South Africa. Pocher have killed six lions in the province since January and left two others seriously ill after feeding them poisoned chicken meat. The poachers cut off the head and paws of the animal but were disturbed before they could remove the skin.

Vegan calls RSPCA to stop ferreters

A vegan woman called the RSPCA to stop ferreters. Kim Wright saw ferreters at work clearing rabbits in Trafford Park, Manchester, as she was passing in her car. She filmed the incident on her phone, sharing the footage on social media and she called the RSPCA. The rabbit cull is being carried out by a contractor using […]


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