Vegan calls RSPCA to stop ferreters

A vegan woman called the RSPCA to stop ferreters. Kim Wright saw ferreters at work clearing rabbits in Trafford Park, Manchester, as she was passing in her car. She filmed the incident on her phone, sharing the footage on social media and she called the RSPCA.

The rabbit cull is being carried out by a contractor using ferrets as work starts to make way for a new £350 million tram system.

She comments in her Facebook post: “I get that Metrolink are extending their tramline through Trafford Park, I get that trees will be cut down and wildlife will be interrupted in the process. I don’t get the barbaric way these poor animals are treated and I certainly don’t expect to see a rabbit hit with a spade whilst driving around a roundabout at work.”

The RSPCA told Ms Wright that the cull is legal. Watch the film on Facebook

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