What does it take to launch a shotgun in the UK?

Where do you start? A glossy promotional campaign? Attractive models? And the skilled craftsmanship to produce a high-end product? Well, that’s exactly what the latest launch from Sauer has. The new firearms off the production line are the Sauer Artemis a shotgun specifically designed for women, and the Sauer Apollon, designed for men. The German […]

How to shoot loopers – Smokin’ Targets with Ben Husthwaite

We are with the bad boy of shooting, Ben Husthwaite who looks at how to take a looping bird. Ben breaks down the shot, the posture you need and how to take the shot. Ben also goes into the mentality he has before and between a stand and how it will help a shooter’s composure […]

Walked-up partridge with the new Sauer Artemis

It is a partridge shoot that is more than just a shoot. This is a day for shooters and dog handlers, organised by gundog trainer Jason Mayhew. The day gives the dogs the field experience they need before the trialling season starts. Meanwhile, Jenna Gearing, a countrysports sculptor, swaps her usual rifle for the new […]

Driven grouse in Scotland

Driven grouse in Scotland

It is driven grouse at its finest. Shooter Ross Neville is on a tour of British grousemoors. We spend a day with him at Lochan in the Angus Glens, where the birds are in numbers never before seen on this moor. He tries out one of the guns from the John M Browning Collection. For […]

Fieldsports Britain – Fastest Birds You Can Shoot

Fieldsports Britain – Fastest Birds You Can Shoot

The cream of the cream of British sport in in this week’s #FieldsportsBritain: we are in the Angus Glens on a driven grouse day, and shooter Ross Neville is trying out a new Browning in one of the most abundant seasons the moor has known. Plus we get to look at how shooters get on […]


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