What does it take to launch a shotgun in the UK?

Where do you start? A glossy promotional campaign? Attractive models? And the skilled craftsmanship to produce a high-end product? Well, that’s exactly what the latest launch from Sauer has.

The new firearms off the production line are the Sauer Artemis a shotgun specifically designed for women, and the Sauer Apollon, designed for men.

The German gunmaker teamed up with Italian gunmaker Fausti Stefano Arms to develop the two new over-and-under game guns. They had to do the job stylishly and reliably. Sauer & Sohn’s heritage goes back to 1751 and it has been the choice of the aristocracy for the last two-and-a-half centuries.

The Sauer Artemis is already getting praise from within the British gun trade, and the big push with its new advertising campaign can only be a good thing for sales in the UK.

Designed especially for huntresses, the Sauer Artemis shotgun weighs just 7.26lb and features 28in multi-choke barrels, a Monte Carlo stock with a red rubber recoil pad. The stand-out quality of this gun shows all the way through and this it features specialised stock dimensions for females.

Sauer creates its Apollon with the male hunter in mind. It features 28in or 30in multi-choke barrels, a 37.5cm length of pull and black rubber recoil pad.

Robert Sajitz from Sauer’s UK importer Blaser Sporting says: “We are delighted to be teaming up with Fausti Stefano and the talented team they have there. It is great to be working with another designer that can help to extend the level of quality we already provide.

“These guns are designed with hunters and huntresses in mind and not only do they look fantastic but they perform brilliantly as well.

“We think that having Jenna and her sister Ellen as part of the promotion of this gun is perfect for the campaign because they are out in the field regularly. Regularly featured on Fieldsports Channel, they are an active part of the hunting scene in the UK, along with their father Rob Gearing.”

The Apollo and Artemis are both priced at £1,775. For more information visit Blaser-Sporting.com

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