Wild boar bites Japanese pensioners

A wild boar has spread havoc in a peaceful residential area in southern Japan by attacking a man in a wheelchair, biting two pensioners and charging into a motorbike and a car. The boar which was on the loose for eight hours in Sasebo city, was stopped by a man with a golf club before […]

Prince William’s favourite charity tackles poaching

Prince William’s favourite charity is promoting an anti-poaching operation in the Serengeti. United for Wildlife is a collaboration between seven of the largest field based international conservation organisations and The Royal Foundation. The Singita Grumeti reserve in Tanzania was set up by American billionaire and hunting lodge owner Paul Tudor Jones. A new film on […]

Shooters and birdwatches team up to fight poaching in Lebanon

Shooters and birdwatchers have come together to try to stop the slaughter of dozens of birds of prey in Lebanon. Calling themselves the ‘bird guards’, an international team of bird conservationists teamed up with local pro regulation hunters and birdwatchers to carry out anti-poaching operations. They witnessed the shooting of more than 100 protected birds […]

Sir Humphry misses pheasant season to go riding

Sir Humphry

One of Britain’s top shoot owners will miss the start of the season because he is riding his horse the length of Britain. As the pheasant-shooting season gets underway in the UK, 81-year-old Sir Humphry Tyrrell Wakefield who owns Chillingham Castle in Northumberland is riding his horse Barack, named because the horse is half black […]

Packham jumps on National Trust bandwagon

BBC TV presenter Chris Packham is in the limelight again after publicly supporting proposals to ban trail hunting on National Trust land across the UK. Trail hunting was adopted by hunts ten years ago after the fox hunting ban came into force. The legal practice involves dogs chasing an artificial scent rather than a live […]


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