Sir Humphry misses pheasant season to go riding

One of Britain’s top shoot owners will miss the start of the season because he is riding his horse the length of Britain.

Sir Humphry Tyrrell-Wakefield

As the pheasant-shooting season gets underway in the UK, 81-year-old Sir Humphry Tyrrell Wakefield who owns Chillingham Castle in Northumberland is riding his horse Barack, named because the horse is half black and half white, from John O’Groats to Land’s End.

Sir Humphry on his ride

He began the 900-mile journey on the 14-year-old half Friesian gelding last month. And he won’t only be walking, trotting and cantering the journey of around 900 miles. He will be simultaneously dictating his extraordinarily colourful memoirs to his secretary, Victoria, to type up as he rides.

Sir Humphry is not doing the ride entirely solo, he pitches his tent in fields every evening and a retainer with a horsebox turns up each night to cook him supper.

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