Fox Bullets Classic Hunter on test on foxes and deer

Roy Lupton is out in the South of England to test lead-free ammunition on a fox. He calls it in with a FoxPro Inferno caller and shoots it with an 80-grain softpoint from Fox Bullets. Then Roy cuts open the animal to see the damage, and how effective the bullet has been at killing the […]

Sako factory tour and driven hunt

Paul Childerley and Dom Holtam go to Finland to see how Sako makes its rifles – and they go on a traditional Finnish driven hunt. They are after whitetail deer (Finland has had whitetail since the 1930s) and elk, and it’s a chance to use new Sako rifles and ammunition. For more about Sako, visit […]

Fieldsports Britain – Paul’s whitetail hunt

British pro stalker Paul Childerley is after the whitetail deer in the Finnish forests. He is visiting the Sako factory with Sporting Shooter editor Dom Holtam, to look at new rifles and ammunition, and to try them out on a driven hunt. Meanwhile, Roy is keen to try out lead-free bullets on deer and foxes. […]


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