Roy Lupton is out in the South of England to test lead-free ammunition on a fox. He calls it in with a FoxPro Inferno caller and shoots it with an 80-grain softpoint from Fox Bullets.

Then Roy cuts open the animal to see the damage, and how effective the bullet has been at killing the fox humanely.

Roy is a falconer as well as a rifleshooter, and he is worried about lead rifle bullets poisoning birds of prey. He wants to see how well the lead-free alternatives work.

Fox Bullets make its Classic Hunter range of ammunition from copper-zinc alloy. Hunting calibres range from an 80-grain .243 to a new 250-grain .375. The manufacturer says that the alloy provides ‘an adequate deformation even at a lower impact velocities (500 m/s)’.

So far, Fox Bullets have not captured the public imagination. The Slovenia-based company has made little impression on the market for ammunition. Fieldsports Channel surveyed its viewers in March 2020 and, of 616 who responded to our survey about ammunition, none of them shoot ammunition from Fox Bullets.

Roy, however, remains a fan. In this film, he tries out the same ammunition on a fallow buck.

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