Kenya may bring back big game hunting

Kenya has taken the first steps towards bringing back hunting. Following a conference in the European Parliament held by Africa’s hunting nations – which have the bulk of Africa’s wildlife – Africa’s non-hunting nations are considering big game hunting as a method for reintroducing species that have been wiped out since their bans. Work on […]

Police tell RSPB to back off

Police tell RSPB to back off

British bird charity the RSPB is to back off from wildlife crime cases after the police told RSPB that its actions could jeopardise prosecutions. Newly-released documents seen by The Times newspaper reveal the  Police predict the RSPB would “kick and scream” if excluded from investigations into crimes such as the suspected poisoning, trapping and shooting […]

BBC ‘urban bias’ rap in mountain hare story

A BBC report on mountain hare culling in Scotland has angered shooters. Antis showed the BBC a film about hare culling in Scotland, the BBC showed it to Scottish Green Party MSP Alison Johnstone, she challenged Scottish first minister Nicola Sturgeon, who has now said that large-scale culling of mountain hares on grouse moors is […]


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