Kenya may bring back big game hunting

Kenya has taken the first steps towards bringing back hunting. Following a conference in the European Parliament held by Africa’s hunting nations – which have the bulk of Africa’s wildlife – Africa’s non-hunting nations are considering big game hunting as a method for reintroducing species that have been wiped out since their bans.

Work on the ground in Nairobi by the#LetAfricaLive campaign and their advocates is thought to have caused the Ministry of Tourism & Wildlife to set up a task force to look into game farming and hunting. In a dense paragraph of bureaucratic jargon, the ministry issued a statement saying it would look at, ‘the modalities of wildlife utilization as set out in Section 4(f), Section 72, and the Eighth Schedule of the Wildlife Conservation and Management Act, 2013’.

It adds: ‘The Task Force will evaluate options of consumptive utilization of wildlife (game farming and game ranching) in community and private lands, taking cognizance of the impacts, successes and failures of the previous wildlife cropping program. The Task Force will also evaluate how consumptive utilization will contribute to the national GDP, food security, job creation and livelihood support, with a view of creating co-existence between people and wildlife.’

You can watch more from the conference here:

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