Fast-Action Elk Hunt

To go elk hunting in Finland, you have to be fit. You watch the dog chasing the elk in real time via GPS. Then you have to sprint to be in position to intercept the animal. That’s what game chef Cai Ap Bryn does in this episode of Hunt & Cook. Plus he cooks up […]

How Coursing Helps Hares

Did you know that hare density is 18 times higher in coursing areas than in non-coursing areas? That’s the conclusion of research by Queen’s University, Belfast. Coursing may be banned in the UK but it’s alive and well in Ireland. They even print the results from coursing meetings in the national papers in Ireland. Charlie […]

Fieldsports Britain – Cai’s Mahoosive Moose Hunt

We are hunting driven moose in Finland. In the latest in Cai’s Hunt & Cook series, he takes on a bull elk and then shows how to rustle up a delicious party snack from its heart. Meanwhile, Charlie joins the English National Coursing Club at an English Stakes coursing event in Ireland. He finds out […]


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