Fieldsports Britain – Cai’s Mahoosive Moose Hunt

We are hunting driven moose in Finland. In the latest in Cai’s Hunt & Cook series, he takes on a bull elk and then shows how to rustle up a delicious party snack from its heart. Meanwhile, Charlie joins the English National Coursing Club at an English Stakes coursing event in Ireland. He finds out how coursing clubs in Ireland are saving the hare – and how they could do the same in England and Wales were Parliament to repeal the Hunting Act. We give away a Catty Shack ‘Goblet’ catapult , David is on the Fieldsports Channel news stump and the best hunting on YouTube makes it in to this week’s Hunting YouTube. It’s all in this week’s #FieldsportsBritain

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Hunt & Cook Elk

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For the English National Coursing Club, visit
In Ireland, where this was filmed, there are 18 times more hares in Irish Coursing Club-managed areas than ordinary farmland
Irish Times article about how coursing is good for hares:
For photographs of the greyhounds in action at Sevenhouses, visit
For video of the races at Sevenhouses, go to
Picture of Master Mcgrath in Lurgan town centre by Notafly – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

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News is sponsored by Percussion
Double standards from the RSPB on muirburn
Princess Royal opens air rifle range
Pro wolf shooting protest in Oslo beats antis
Scottish Government plans extra fox cruelty
Irish government defends deer cull
Inept scientists cut Australian duck shooting season #weknowwheretheducksare
Woman busted for boasting on dating app she lamps deer
Fox rampages through couple’s home
Stalker hit by hind
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