Fieldsports Britain – Crow’s on the Pigeons

We’re in Scotland after red hinds and the South-East of England after pigeons this week. It’s a combination of February sport and badly-needed wildlife control. Andy Crow has left the pigeons alone since the autumn, so it is time for a big day on them, now the pheasant-shooting season is over. Meanwhile, Robert Sajitz wants […]

Scottish hind hunt

The red hind cull is underway on the Ardnamurchan Peninsula in Scotland. Niall Rowantree has Robert Sajitz of Blaser to help him shoot his cull animals, and Robert has the new Blaser R8 Silence, with moderator integrated into the barrel. He tries it out during the cull. ▶ For more from Blaser UK, go to […]

Dry February pigeon shoot – it’s Crowhow

After months of letting them get away with it, farm manager Andy Crow’s fields are turning blue with pigeons. And when his fields go blue, Crow sees red. He is out with ‘plus one’ to knock back the numbers in order to save his crops decoying them to a hide made with dried bracken. Andy […]

New cash record for rare goat

 An American hunter has set a record for a markhor hunt. He paid the highest amount yet paid – US$110,000 – to hunt Pakistan’s national animal. Bryan Kinsel Harlan hunted the Astore markhor in Gilgit-Baltistan. His is one of four permits the Peshawar wildlife department auctioned last year. He started a worldwide debate on […]


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