Fieldsports Britain – Crow’s on the Pigeons

We’re in Scotland after red hinds and the South-East of England after pigeons this week. It’s a combination of February sport and badly-needed wildlife control. Andy Crow has left the pigeons alone since the autumn, so it is time for a big day on them, now the pheasant-shooting season is over. Meanwhile, Robert Sajitz wants to try out the new Blaser R8 Silence, so takes it to Ardnamurchan for the red hind cull. Plus there’s Hunting YouTube and the News Stump in this week’s #FieldsportsBritain

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Red hinds

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British Shooting Show


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Hunt saboteurs harass police

Antis ambush the BBC – click here, listen from 20:53

▶ RSPB’s capercaillie disaster

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