Fieldsports Britain – Hare Hunting in the Heat

Tim Pilbeam is off to sample farm pest control jobs in Argentina – stalking axis deer and lamping hares. When you run a farm in the tropics, there’s a huge weight of wildlife that wants to munch your pasture and your crops – and the heat doesn’t make it any easier. Accompanied by Carlos, Tim […]

Super Shropshire Sim Clay Day – Crowhow

Andy Crow loves his clay shooting and he loves his game shooting, so what better way to spend a spring day than combining the two. He is off to Shropshire for a sim clay day, in the company of friends including Brody Woollard. This kind of shooting is all about technique, as Brody and Crow […]

South American farm pest control – Rucksack & Rifle

South American wildlife – it’s all just a little bit different, requires new skills – and Tim Pilbeam is the man with the Rucksack & Rifle. He is out on a farm in Argentina, with the mission of culling some of the axis deer and hares that are eating their way through the local pasture. […]


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