Rifle skills with Browning: shooting beyond 1,000 metres

Want to shoot super-accurately at more than half a mile? Browning brings the new X-Bolt Pro and Winchester XPR to WMS Firearms Training in West Wales, where Andrew Venables shows some of the UK’s top gundealers how to do it. ▶ For more about Browning’s and Winchester’s ranges of new rifles, visit Browning.eu ▶ To […]

General licences protestors plan London march

Shooters, farmers and other country people are planning a London March on Saturday 29 June 2019. It starts at 11am at Speakers’ Corner, Hyde Park, and heads for Westminster. Here is one of the organisers explaining it: Called The Countryside Rally 2019, its main method of communication to protestors is Facebook. The UK’s countryside is […]


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