Fieldsports Britain – Paul goes intercontinental calling

We know Paul can call in bucks to his clients in his native Bedfordshire (and we give that a go just to make sure he is on song) – but can he do the same with a duiker ram in South Africa? Paul takes guest Claes Björksten from Sako rifles out after muntjac – then […]

Can you call in antelope?

Paul finds out in South Africa. He is out with Nico Els in the Eastern Cape – plus he is guiding a guest, Claes Björksten from Sako rifles, after muntjac in Bedfordshire – just to show it can be done. It’s all a big surprise for Nico. ▶ For more information about the Sako range […]

Eco hunting clothing from Red Kettle

Forget microfibres and ceramic-based fabric. What could be more environmentally friendly than cotton? Well, that’s all very well – but cotton doesn’t keep you warm and dry. Not true, says the founder of hunting clothing manufacturer Red Kettle, Christian Saugmann, who has worked out a system of using venture cotton for his jackets. ▶ For […]


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