Fieldsports Britain – Paul goes intercontinental calling

We know Paul can call in bucks to his clients in his native Bedfordshire (and we give that a go just to make sure he is on song) – but can he do the same with a duiker ram in South Africa? Paul takes guest Claes Björksten from Sako rifles out after muntjac – then Nico Els in the Eastern Cape takes Paul out after antelope. Nico has never seen anyone call in an animal like this. That’s not all. It’s World Environment Day and to celebrate, we look at hunting clothing with strong green credentials – and it’s rather old-fashioned. We have a Fieldsports Nation exclusive offer – 30% off a pair of ear defenders (link below). And there’s News and there’s Hunting YouTube in this week’s #FieldsportsBritain.

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For more information about the Sako range of rifles and bullets go to and follow them
To go stalking with Paul, email
To go hunting with Nico Els, visit
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Red Kettle

For more about the clothing, go to

Fieldsports Nation exclusive offer
For Jack Pyke ear defenders at 30% off, visit

▶ Fieldsports Skills days

14-16 June 2019 Braces of Bristol. Book at
2-3 July 2019 Swillington Shooting Supplies, held at Coniston Shooting Ground, Skipton. Book at

Fieldsports News
RSPB calls for Scottish grouseshooting ban – RSPB website
Langholm Project moor is up for sale
Yorkshire Water says yes to grouseshooting –statement
Dutch postcode lottery supports rewilding
Violent vegans meet their match in Yorkshire
Sabs targeting businesses that support hunt
American bowhunter takes baby hunting
Botswana reopens hunting – Facebook
CITES considers banning woolly mammoth trade
Colorado offers US$20 per pike
Hooves horse-sharing scheme – pitch
Man saves ibex

▶ Here are the films in Hunting YouTube:

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