Irresistible pigeon patterns – Fieldsports Ireland episode 11

This month Jason Doyle with a birds eye view shows us his secrets on how he sets out his irresistible pigeon pattern while he waits for the crops to ripen. Also he helps out John Griffin the butcher make some delicious chorizo flavoured burgers using the trimmings from the many deer that pass through his […]

Setting up pigeon decoys

  While waiting for the sun to finish off the crops why not practice your skills at hide building and decoy patterns to see what works best. Jason Doyle is out with all the gear but has swapped his gun for a drone to give us a birds eye view of his thoughts on setting […]

Chorizo venison burger recipe

Chorizo venison burger recipe

  John Griffin gives us his recipe for chorizo venison burgers the way butchers do them on a larger scale. Using the trimmings he saves each time he butchers deer and just as the summer season starts he minces it all up and makes a mountain of burgers. He even shows us a clever way […]


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