Fieldsports Britain – Hunting a Barbecue Buck

Fieldsports Britain – Hunting a Barbecue Buck

Hunting is so much more than firing the built. Can Ap Bryn goes on a nature ramble that includes boars and bears in order to find a buck to cook up for a barbecue. He is in Croatia with top hunting guide and keen rewilder Tomo Svetic. Meanwhile, Charlie meets a militant vegan, Jay Tiernan, […]

Roebuck hunt and big game ramble – Hunt & Cook

Cai Ap Bryn has a roebuck to shoot. Along the way, he is treated to some of the great sights in nature – European brown bears, among them. Even a pair of bears mating. He is out in Croatia in some of the most spectacular country in Southern Europe. ▶ Cai Ap Bryn is sponsored […]

Animal rights militant Jay Tiernan – Fieldsports Channel Podcast episode 8

Jay Tiernan is a militant vegan, who stamps on badger traps and condones the cutting of wire to release pheasants from game farms. The face of the anti-badger cull movement and press officer for the Animal Liberation Front, he argues his case with Charlie Jacoby. ▶ This item appears on YouTube in Fieldsports Britain, episode […]

On Test: Zeiss’s 2019 riflescopes

We go simulated stalking and long-distance rifle shooting out to 500 metres with Paul Childerley. It’s all so Zeiss can set out its stall to UK gunshops. We are on hand to see what they think of the product line-up. ▶ Click here for more about Zeiss sports optics ▶ Click here for our review […]


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