Fieldsports Britain – Hunting a Barbecue Buck

Hunting is so much more than firing the built. Can Ap Bryn goes on a nature ramble that includes boars and bears in order to find a buck to cook up for a barbecue. He is in Croatia with top hunting guide and keen rewilder Tomo Svetic. Meanwhile, Charlie meets a militant vegan, Jay Tiernan, who is the face of the badger cull protest and the Animal Liberation Front’s press officer in order to find out what makes him tick. Zeiss shows off its glorious glass on a dealer day with Paul Childerley. And as if that’s not enough in the week’s massive programme, we give away £1900-worth of Remington rifle and other products, a laser-guided catapult and a Red Kettle organic hunting jacket, plus David is on the News Stump, plus there’s Hunting YouTube. It’s another bumper #FieldsportsBritain.

Here are the links:

Sako destruction test

Cai Ap Bryn is sponsored by Blaser and
To go hunting with Tomo Svetic, visit the Artemis Hunting website
Cai’s website is
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Jay Tiernan

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British Shooting Show
The British Shooting Show has come under attack from the antis Please can you take a moment to sign this petition? We need a lot of signatures to overtake the antis. Here’s the link to the petition:

Fieldsports News
NEC / British Shooting Show petition
RSPB film of a man walking with a shotgun – website
Chris Packham on hen harrier found alive in leghold trap in South Lanarkshire – YouTube
Hen harriers doing well on grousemoors – Facebook
Wild Justice launches new legal challenge against general licences – website
Trophy hunter Ivan Carter – Facebook
DEFRA secretary Michael Gove becomes environmental socialist – news story
Freedom For Animals campaigns against falconers – website
African swine fever reaches the UK – Farmers’ Weekly
British NRA in trouble – The Times
MEP anger at new EU gun laws – Sinn Féin
Marlin fishers sink – Daily Mirror
Use your phone to recognise your dog by its noseprint – website
Gull nabs duckling – Dundee Evening Telegraph

▶ Here are the films in Hunting YouTube:


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