‘Team Grace’ exposes anti grouseshooting propaganda in Yorkshire

A small group of bedraggled League Against Cruel Sports supporters in Bradford, West Yorkshire, city centre, protesting against grouse shooting, were hampered by pro-shooting campaigner Simon Grace and his team. While the antis were calling on passers-by to sign a petition asking Yorkshire Water to end grouseshooting on its land, Simon and his gang convinced […]

You’ve been asked shooting. Here’s what to expect

words by John Roll Pickering     You are going to shoot game. Perhaps it is something that you have not done before, though you may have shot wildfowl, pests or clay pigeons. This aritcle gives you all the information  you need  about what equipment you should take and what may happen at the shoot. […]

Fatal disease in hares briefly stops coursing in its tracks

A disease that has jumped from rabbits to hares briefly led to a ban on coursing in Ireland. Following the first confirmed case of type 2 rabbit haemorrhagic disease (RHDV2) in hares, found in Co Wexford and Co Clare, Ireland’s Department of Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht suspended licences issued to the Irish Coursing Club […]


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