‘Team Grace’ exposes anti grouseshooting propaganda in Yorkshire

A small group of bedraggled League Against Cruel Sports supporters in Bradford, West Yorkshire, city centre, protesting against grouse shooting, were hampered by pro-shooting campaigner Simon Grace and his team.

While the antis were calling on passers-by to sign a petition asking Yorkshire Water to end grouseshooting on its land, Simon and his gang convinced around 40 people not to sign the LACS petition. ‘Plenty of our literature went out, plenty of talking and lots of people who don’t shoot but support and understand what we do,’ says Simon. ‘It’s a real buzz and the rest of the team enjoyed the experience. A really good day’

Even two of the protesting vegans want to know more. ‘Great girls,’ says Simon, ‘and fully understand that and agree that how we source our meat/game is fully acceptable to them. Now that’s a result in my opinion.’

Simon Grace and his two vegans