Grouseshooting in the balance – Fieldsports News, 11 Dec 2019

Fieldsports News Grouseshooting in the balance – Fieldsports News Dog discipline legal battle – Fieldsports News Woodcock geo-locator reveals 6,000 air miles – Facebook Airlines crack down on guns – Fieldsports News BBC promotes vegan Christmas – Daily Mail Ferret bites Labour candidate: Met this young man taking his pet ferret for a walk. […]

Aimpoint gun sights: how they build them

Roy Lupton and Andy Crow go behind the scenes at the Aimpoint factory in Sweden to see how those ingenious Swedes build their gun sights, and how those gun sights work. Some of it is secret. Roy and Andy reveal the basics, plus they prepare for an outing shooting driven roe. ▶ For more from […]

Fieldsports Britain – Roy and Crow go to the Aimpoint factory

How do Aimpoint gun sights work? We send Roy Lupton and Andy Crow to the factory in Sweden to find out. Shooting’s answer to Eric & Ernie tries out the latest kit and learns the basics behind the most revolutionary advance in optics in the last 50 years. That’s not all. Paul Childerley gets a […]


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