Hunting, shooting and fishing come out of lockdown – Fieldsports News, 13 May 2020

  Here are the links: Clayshooters ignored in loosening of lockdown restriction – Bradford man shoots grouse out of season – Coalition calls for Scottish grousemoor ‘reform’ – Police appeal for help over identity of suspect in trap damage – Facebook Sabs shut down nursery’s social media – Facebook Deer hunting group […]

Aporkalypse now: how feral hogs are over-running Hong Kong

A surreal situation has emerged in Hong Kong. Wild boars are plaguing the city. They run through the streets, scaring locals and eating rubbish, often in exclusive neighbourhoods home to millionaires. Ben O’Rourke fills us in on how that happened, with video produced by Hong Kong-based journalist Scott Murphy and camera and sound by David […]

Lockdown Lupton’s thermal fox control

When foxes grab your newborn fawn, normally there is not much you can do. You’re a deer. But Roy is a Foxshooter, and when his muntjac fawn goes missing, it’s out with the thermal to sort out the problem. Roy uses Pulsar Accolade XP50 spotter Pulsar Trail XP50 thermal scope  

Ollie Williams goes lockdown deerstalking

  Cornish deer manager Ollie Williams is out after roebuck that are killing trees and destroying crops. He has a lot of deer on his land, and a lot not land to choose from. Plus he introduces a new concept to the world of deerstalking: the ‘lie seat’ – like a highseat but designed for […]

Fieldsports Britain – #LoveIsland hunt

  Those deer don’t shoot themselves. Lockdown or not, deer managers still have to do their work, protecting crops and woodland. Ollie Williams is no exception. He might be a recent #LoveIsland contestant but, back home in Cornwall, he is a deer manager, and he has to shoot his share of bucks. We join him […]


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