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Those deer don’t shoot themselves. Lockdown or not, deer managers still have to do their work, protecting crops and woodland. Ollie Williams is no exception. He might be a recent #LoveIsland contestant but, back home in Cornwall, he is a deer manager, and he has to shoot his share of bucks. We join him on his rounds. Meanwhile, Roy Lupton has had a deer tragedy. He has a pair of muntjac in a paddock. They had a fawn that the foxes killed, so now it is up to Roy to deal with those foxes. Out with the thermal scope and the rifle, and he sits up and waits for them. That’s not all. As the UK comes out of lockdown, you can go fishing but not clay shooting. We ask Martin Salter of the Angling Trust and Ian Parker of the CPSA to talk lobbying tactics. Are the shooting organisation slow off the mark compared to angling? And we have a report from Hong Kong, which bans hunting and shooting but has a pig problem, and no solution until it allows hunting and guns. There’s Bargain Hunter, David is on the News Stump and Charlie has Hunting YouTube to round up this week’s episode of #FieldsportsBritain

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Stalking with Ollie Williams

For Ollie’s sporting agency, visit
Ollie is using a Browning X-Bolt. Click here for the Browning website
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Angling Trust + CPSA

How the world is coming out of lockdown:
How coronavirus is affecting shooting

Roy Lupton

Roy uses
Pulsar Accolade XP50 spotter
Pulsar Trail XP50 thermal scope

Hong Kong

Video produced by Hong Kong-based journalist Scott Murphy and camera and sound by David Chung.

Bargain Hunter
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Fieldsports News
Clayshooters ignored in loosening of lockdown restriction –
Bradford man shoots grouse out of season –
Coalition calls for Scottish grousemoor ‘reform’ –
Police appeal for help over identity of suspect in trap damage – Facebook
Sabs shut down nursery’s social media – Facebook
Deer hunting group raffles off stalks to support NHS – Facebook
Gardening tools grabbed by gun shop burglars – Facebook
Gun distributor makes sales arrangement with police – Facebook
Scottish golden eagle project admits bird slew two – website
British pistol shooter excels in virtual contest
Some international lockdowns lifted for hunting –
WHO backs away from global ban on wet markets – 6ABC
Colorado cracks down on ‘freeloaders’ who spoil state wildlife parks – website
Ivory and horns banned from US capital – news story
Victoria court OKs cull of out of control feral horses – Guardian
Vegan fined £950 after Aussie rules pitch invasion – Daily Mail
Spanish Masterchef contestant kicked off after bird stunt – LadBible

Hunting YouTube

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