Best airgun pellet for 2021

This is the Fieldtester survey where we asked you to tell us about your kit back in 2020, and you responded: 3,500 completed surveys came back to us, 10% of which are about PCPs, 10% of you told us about your airgun pellets, only 5% are about spring-loaded air rifles, which is why springers didn’t […]

What do you buy a shooter for Christmas? Just what do you buy a shooter? It’s a question Ian Ho-Ho-Hodge gets asked many times a day as the festive season approaches. He runs Ian Hodge Field Sports – a physical and online shop based in Cornwall – so he’s put together a list of the ideal stocking fillers with everything from new […]

Pellet power and performance: putting a hole in a Polo

Johnny Muston from airgun shop R&K Stockcraft is supergluing Polo mints to the top of a wooden batten. Why? To check his accuracy with his airgun of course! A pellet can just pass through the hole in the middle, but he’ll have to be super-accurate. “This is part of my mis-spent youth,” he jokes. But […]

Airgun law UK – what you can shoot in your garden

  Airgun law UK: What can you shoot with your airgun in your back garden in the UK? It’s a garden, it’s a private premises where you have permission, and you are happy with your backstop and that backstop is in your garden. What birds can you shoot? We will come to those in a […]


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