Driven gameshooting cancelled – Fieldsports News, 6 January 2021

Here are the links: Lockdown stops driven shooting in the UK – Fieldsports News ITV News wages war on trailhunting – ITV Antis expose West Country farmers who support hunts – Innocent Badger Vegans mark Christmas by attacking butcher – Fieldsports News Celeb Packham challenges Scottish beaver cull – The Times Police investigate man killed […]

What’s killing off the capercaillie? by Ben O’Rourke In the 1970s, there were more than 20,000 capercaillie in the UK. “Now there might only be 1,000,” says Ian Coghill, chairman of the Coordinated Upland Partnership. The RSPB goes even further. In 2022, it released figures claiming there were only 542 capercaillie left. The responsibility for that lies at the […]


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