Driven gameshooting cancelled – Fieldsports News, 6 January 2021

Here are the links:

Lockdown stops driven shooting in the UK – Fieldsports News
ITV News wages war on trailhunting – ITV
Antis expose West Country farmers who support hunts – Innocent Badger
Vegans mark Christmas by attacking butcher – Fieldsports News
Celeb Packham challenges Scottish beaver cull – The Times
Police investigate man killed by stag in Ireland – Irish Journal
Police called after hunt hound kills cat – BBC
RSPB complains about bird-killing wind farms – BBC
Officials consider parakeet pest control – Fieldsports News
Dog walkers blamed for spate of sheep attacks – Facebook and thanks to
Wolves rampage through Kosovo farm – Facebook
Agony aunt advises woman about Packham obsession


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