Catching rabbits at a turf farm

The lovely turf at Wembley and Wimbledon comes from turf farms, and turf farms are magnets for rabbits. The South Somerset Ferreters answer the call to ferret the rabbits at a turf farm. It’s the first sporting action this turf will see – and it’s just as exciting and active as a cup final. Find […]

Winter pigeon and rook shoot – big day

Rooks and pigeons are hitting a maize crop. With the cost of feed, Paul Childerley is especially keen to shoot a few of them, so he has built a socially-distanced pigeon hide on his ground in Bedfordshire. Plus he shows how to call in the corvids. Find out more about Paul’s sponsor Shooterking clothing Click […]

Fieldsports Britain – Paul’s uncanny wildlife calls

Did you know he could make the noise of a frightened Chinese water deer, a chattering greylag goose and even a randy woodpigeon? And all of them using only his mouth? Paul Childerley is the Alistair McGowan of the animal kingdom, all of which we learn while he is in a hide on a pigeon […]

Sab thugs attack hunts again – Fieldsports News, 27 January 2021

Here are the links: Trespassing sabs incite ‘common assault’ – Facebook Time-wasting new system added to individual licence applications – Fieldsports News Scottish Gamekeepers plan #RWP21 Edinburgh protest – SGA Grey squirrels to go on the pill – Daily Mail Big cats to ‘replace’ Scottish deerstalkers Antis shun criminal sab Luke Steele to hold on […]