Sab thugs attack hunts again – Fieldsports News, 27 January 2021

Here are the links:
Trespassing sabs incite ‘common assault’ – Facebook
Time-wasting new system added to individual licence applications – Fieldsports News
Scottish Gamekeepers plan #RWP21 Edinburgh protest – SGA 
Grey squirrels to go on the pill – Daily Mail
Big cats to ‘replace’ Scottish deerstalkers
Antis shun criminal sab Luke Steele to hold on to cash – C4PMC
Game exports resume as vet untangles EU red tape – Fieldsports News
Hen harriers thriving on grouse moor – York Press
Auctioneer offers donation help for charity – Fieldtester
Police recover 80 stolen dogs – Police
Kenyan poaching kingpin heads for trial –
US lawmaker proposes Bigfoot hunting season – The Oklahoman

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