Dartmoor Deer Services

www.youtube.com/watch?v=mbxWP2dMPdE Professional deer manager Tom Davies of Dartmoor Deer Services is out to shoot or at least spot three species of deer today. Dartmoor, where he lives, has the habitat for red deer, fallow and roe. He starts his day with a fallow cull outing on a local pheasant shoot. Then he heads into one […]

Pump-action squirrel hunt

www.youtube.com/watch?v=tUjIc-LqtuY Paul Childerley and Johnny Muston are on a squirrel-shooting mission – and they knock down a couple of dozen. The invasive grey squirrels are damaging trees, pheasant feeders, and are all set to prey on the songbird nesting season. By shooting out the squirrels’ dreys, Johnny and Paul can reduce numbers, and so reduce […]

Antis add weight to lead shot ban pressure – Fieldsports News, 24 February 2021

Here are the links: Most pheasants sold for food ‘contain lead shot’ – BBC Tory thinktank wants probe into PM’s fiancée – Fieldsports News Call for Scotland to become first ever ‘rewilding’ nation – MSN Dead hinds and calves shock walkers – The Times and SGA Scotland’s country sports tourism sector to get lockdown relief […]


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