Antis add weight to lead shot ban pressure – Fieldsports News, 24 February 2021

Here are the links:

  • Most pheasants sold for food ‘contain lead shot’ – BBC
  • Tory thinktank wants probe into PM’s fiancée – Fieldsports News
  • Call for Scotland to become first ever ‘rewilding’ nation – MSN
  • Dead hinds and calves shock walkers – The Times and SGA
  • Scotland’s country sports tourism sector to get lockdown relief – BASC
  • Singers post videos showing ‘murder’ of shooters – Fieldsports News
  • Another golf course scraps fox cull after threats from antis – News Shopper
  • Dead cat discovery at shooting estate angers antis – Examiner Live
  • Giraffes electrocuted at Kenya wildlife reserve – Soysambu Facebook and Merelize’s Facebook
  • Surge in gun sales creating boom in conservation funding – Outdoor Life and YouTube
  • Wolf cull in US state after court sides with hunters – JSOnline and YouTube
  • Massive Aussie mischief of mice – Facebook and ABC


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