SGA protest: how the Scottish Government is failing Scotland’s countryside It’s been more than 20 years since the Scottish Gamekeepers’ Association took to the streets of Edinburgh for a protest.  The march in 2000, the same year Alex Hogg became chairman, came after MSP Mike Watson put forward a private member’s bill to ban hunting with dogs.  “It would affect our terriers, which was […]

Fieldsports Britain – how to blow a pigeon

How to blow a pigeon

Here’s a skill you never knew you needed. Tim Pilbeam shoots the feral doves – his mate Roy sexes them by blowing on their breast feathers. Find out what he is looking for in this week’s show. Plus Andrew Venables stops banging on about copper and tells the story of zinc bullets instead. And Scottish […]

Nicked airguns selling on WhatsApp – Fieldsports News, 3 March 2021 Here are the links:Webley Nemesis airguns stolen – Fieldsports NewsMountain hare law victimises birds of prey, says falconer – Facebook and Scottish Parliament petitionWildlife trust U-turns on evicting anglers from Kent reserve – Fieldsports NewsLACS tries to pervert Northern Ireland hunt vote – LACS#gamemeatmarch – InstagramCarrie on cats – Daily TelegraphDanish fear EU bans […]

The story of zinc bullets Who makes zinc bullets? What are they used for and how long have they been around? Firearms expert Andrew Venables answers these questions and more. History of bullet development by Andrew Venables Why do we cling to the pre-1900 lead bullet design when the 20th and even 21st centuries have given us so much […]

On test: Daystate Wolverine R Tim Pilbeam has his hands on the new Daystate Wolverine R, and he puts it through its paces on feral pigeons in a local farmyard. Helping him is a gamekeeper friend, Roy, who shows how to sex pigeons. Click here for more on the Daystate Wolverine R Click here for all our films with […]