Nicked airguns selling on WhatsApp – Fieldsports News, 3 March 2021

Here are the links:
Webley Nemesis airguns stolen – Fieldsports News
Mountain hare law victimises birds of prey, says falconer – Facebook and Scottish Parliament petition
Wildlife trust U-turns on evicting anglers from Kent reserve – Fieldsports News
LACS tries to pervert Northern Ireland hunt vote – LACS
#gamemeatmarch – Instagram
Carrie on cats – Daily Telegraph
Danish fear EU bans on shooting and fishing –
Germans drawn to hunting for ethically sourced food – France24
Growing grizzly numbers prompt protection review – National Geographic
Aussie crackdown on hunting continues with deer cull – The Land
Free Church of Country Sports – Fieldsports News
Colorado angler shows off cool commute – Instagram

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