How to teach gundogs on a summer simulated game day At Cotswold Fieldsports, they do things differently. You won’t find anyone to teach you field trial tips and tricks. Today, they are running a simulated clayshoot with a difference: the gundogs and handlers are there to learn what a driven pheasant shoot is like. Andy Brown explains. Find out more at Here are […]

Dartmoor foxshooting It’s April and Tom Davies has shot 50 foxes so far this year. Tonight he is after number 51. It’s the end of lambing on Dartmoor and the pressure is off to reduce the fox numbers, but a fox can still kill a lamb, so the farmers want to see Tom out working nights […]

Pulsar Accolade 2 vs Helion – review

Tom Davies from Dartmoor Deer Services compares the Pulsar Accolade 2 LRF XP50 with his trusty old Pulsar Helion XQ50, and says what the differences are. For more, visit

How grouseshooting is saving curlews It’s a sunny spring day on the North York Moors and there’s a light breeze. We’ve managed to find a spot where we’re treated to curlew calls in nature’s equivalent of surround sound. Curlew ambassador John Cavana scans the heather around us with binoculars in between reeling out facts about the bird. We’re not […]


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