Poaching, poison and politicians: the real threats to the rhino

youtu.be/0EZZvKZYlhk A gangster in an expensive coat and a Lincoln Model L stops on a bridge on the Canadian border. He is there to meet a lorry from Canada and check its shipment of whiskey. What he doesn’t know is that Eliot Ness and his ‘Untouchables’ cops are waiting in a nearby building, and the […]

Calling in deer with dog toys

www.youtube.com/watch?v=53lV-53NZpw When it comes to roe calls, you can go expensive with a buttolo call, or you can go cheap. Deer manager Tom Davies does just that, seeing if he can call in roe using a squeaky dog toy – and Charlie tries out a Swanee whistle. Plus they are now looking for a record […]

Fieldsports Britain – thermal safari

www.youtube.com/watch?v=RDWKBCVxLlQ Imagine a wildlife park where you can eat the antelope. There is one – and it’s in Norfolk. Watatunga Wildlife Reserve outside King’s Lynn is home to rare species including hog deer, lechwe and sitatunga plus birds such as the great bustard. The park takes a realistic view of deer and antelope management, so […]

#LetsLearnMoor – Fieldsports News, 14 July 2021

www.youtube.com/watch?v=m4Fo5FSjI8E Here are the links:Schoolkids learn about grouseshooting and uplands – BASC + Facebook‘Animal sentience’ bill hits the buffers – ParliamentKenya denies knowledge of Kent elephant airlift plan – iNews + GuardianCampaigners want to ban elephants from UK zoos – SkyBPCA to consult members about gull fiasco – Pest Magazine + ZoomBorth zoo forced to […]


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