Gun licensing shambles in England by Deborah Hadfield The firearms licensing system in England and Wales is in crisis. Shooters claim the fiasco has made getting a grant, renewal, or variation a postcode lottery. Nottinghamshire Police is the latest force to announce it has stopped processing applications. Livens Gunsmiths is a family business which started in 1850 in Burton […]

How to cover your bitch Ollie Williams is worried. Dave Templar is wearing rubber gloves. Ollie has come to Countryways Gundogs in Gloucestershire, which Dave runs, to find out how to help a dog cover a bitch. With breeding in gundogs, there is a lot at stake. You can’t just put a dog and a bitch together and let […]

Save a songbird: shoot a squirrel A Sussex shoot is holding a squirrel day for guns. Jack Feaver asks David along to film the day, which will do two things. Grey squirrels are significant predators of songbirds’ eggs and chicks. They also eat gamefeed which, with increasing prices for wheat, means a bag of 50 squirrels like today can make […]

Fieldsports Britain – big spring squirrel hunt We’re saving woodland, saving wildlife and saving wonga in this week’s show. A squirrel shoot is a good way to do all three, as invasive grey squirrels damage trees, devour songbird eggs and cost shoots money by munching their way through pheasant feed. David joins Jack Feaver on a shoot in Sussex where the […]


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