Scramble for pheasant eggs – Fieldsports News, 8 June 2022 Here are the links: Pheasant and partridge poults in price war – Facebook + Facebook Police tackle Animal Rebellion nutters – YouTube OM for New Zealand duck hunter – NZHerald Shops ignore UK ivory ban – Fieldsports News Game meat 60th on European lead list – EFSA research Birds of prey numbers up 22% […]

Wiltshire double roe buck fever Cai Ap Bryn is out after a roebuck or two for the freezer. He is catering for lots of weddings this summer. And those lucky brides and grooms – it’s a perfect evening to find a buck in Wiltshire. He is out with local guide and taxidermist Tom Douglas.   For more about the […]

Fieldsports Britain – summer stalking Cai Ap Bryn is out after meat for his catering business, stalking roebucks in Wiltshire. His host is local taxidermist Tom Douglas. It’s a blissful English summer evening as they find an abundance of animals and talk about buck fever. From roe to rhinos and Charlie tells the story of a baby rhino that’s […]

How to save rhinos

by Charlie Jacoby It’s dark. The baby rhino is in the South African savannah with her mother. Dawn is coming. She has survived the night – but the mother senses there is something wrong. She moves away from her daughter. The little rhino makes frantic peeping noises and tries to follow. It’s hopeless. The mother […]


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