Why does the conservation industry want to kill off African wildlife? Answer: cash

youtu.be/KU-11RVVDwQ by Deborah Hadfield The role of trophy hunting in conservation and the economic survival of communities in Africa is in the spotlight. A new film produced by South African film producer Phillip Hattingh focuses on Namibia. The inspiration for his documentary The Eco Colonialists – an Exposé came back in 2020 when, in the […]

Great value shotguns for clays and game 2022

youtu.be/Cm-q9ucYsiY You want a stylish, well-made shotgun that handles well and looks good – but you don’t want to spend a fortune. What do you buy? Dan Bibb from Shooting Sports UK recommends you take a look at the Zoli range of over-and-unders. “Zoli isn’t a brand that’s as well known in the UK as, […]

HM Queen’s sporting gun salute – Fieldsports News, 21 September 2022

www.youtube.com/watch?v=2AUCgsLwyT4 Here are the links: HM Queen’s funeral gun salute – Facebook + Twitter Police face criminal investigation over Plymouth shooting – Independent Office for Police Conduct  Police whistleblower sacked over gun claims – Employment Tribunals [PDF] Lord Goldsmith sacked as environment minister – Guardian Packham firebombing ‘hit job’ claims – Mirror Countryside Alliance Awards open […]


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